About Us

We are J.R.C. legal consultants

We aim to be your strategic business partner through providing legal services to Jordanian leading corporations and institutions as well as global corporations and government. Many of our clients are shaping tomorrow's business.

Our appetite for challenging conventions and delivering solutions was one of the reasons we werenamed Jordan Rights Center for Advocacy.

What makes us J.R.C.

We give the impression for being more than just the legal issues at hand. We focus on delivering great outcomes for our clients.
We pay attention to our clients. We try to know your business, your people and understand your aims and challenges. We aim to provide commercially judgments and practical legal advice.
We enjoy shaping long term rapport. We seek to develop a constructive relationship with our clients and to become your trusted advisor.
We deliver an incorporated service across offices and areas of law.
Our team recognizes the importance of attracting, developing and retaining the best people in order to provide you with an excellent service. We have been acknowledged as the employer choice for many years and are proud of our reputation for being enormous workplace.
We also recognize client's obligations.

J.R.C. serves more than just the law. We appreciate our relationships with our clients in order to be your lawyers.

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